Honorable Mention

Our paper „The Model of Collaborative Terminology Contribution: Application and Improvement of Crowdsourcing Methods in an Educational Context“ received an honorable mention at the DARIAH Annual Event 2020


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Initiative for Citizen Science in Heritage and Educational Context

How to include citizen science and crowdsourcing approaches in the educational process?

How to enhance student involvement in socially relevant real-life projects and at the same time achieving educational goals?

Join our informal initiative for citizen science in heritage and educational context to work together on improvement of participatory approaches and methodologies!

We will be happy to share experiences gained so far.


Here is a list of projects where our team members have implemented increased student engagement or citizen science and crowdsourcing approaches in an educational setting.

Citizen Science Approaches in Heritage and Educational Context: Sports and Social Inclusion

Sport, Discrimination and Integration. Sport as a Vehicle of Social Inclusion and Participation

Discovering the Old Dubrovnik Cathedrals:
Stone Fragments Analysis, Cataloguing and Structured Terminology Development in Digital Environment: Students Engagement

The Model of Participative Terminology Contribution in an Educational Context

Digitisation and Communication of Ivo Maroević University Collection